4857, Tikka 2014,. . 113131, isbn Soikkanen, Timo (2008 Taistelu autonomiasta. 161178, Suodenjoki 2009b,. . The German arms were transported to Finland in FebruaryMarch 1918, Upton 1980,. . In: Blomgren,., Karjalainen,., Manninen,., Saloranta,. The machine guns caused a substantial part of the casualties in combat. Both Red and White propaganda made effective use of their opponents' actions, increasing the spiral of revenge. The collapse in business led to unemployment and high inflation, but the employed workers gained an opportunity to resolve workplace problems. (1981 Vallankumous Suomessa 19171918, II, Jyväskylä: Gummerus, isbn Vares, Vesa (1998 Kuninkaantekijät. The economic collapse of Russia and the power struggle of the Finnish state in 1917 were among the key factors that brought sovereignty to the fore in Finland.

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    state and some of the social problems associated with the industrial process were diminished by the administration's actions. 155159, 203225, Haapala 2014,. . 16 Citations Including conspirative co-operation between Germany and Russian Bolsheviks 19141918, Pipes 1996,. . 252403, Haapala 1995,. . 1530, Kuisma 2010,. . On the left, the vanguard of the movement was the urban Red Guards from Helsinki, Kotka and Turku ; they led the rural Reds and convinced the socialist leaders who wavered between peace and war to support the revolution. Social Democratic Party, and the, whites, conducted by the conservative -based, senate.

    1114, 197203 Some of the innocent persons were White supporters or neutral Finns, taken by force to serve in the Red Guards, but who were unable to prove immediately their motivations in the conflict. Economically, the Grand Duchy of Finland benefited from having an independent domestic state budget, a central bank with national currency, the markka (deployed 1860 and customs organisation and the industrial progress of 18601916. 269274 Ylikangas 1993a,. . 10 The difference between Scandinavian-Finnish ( Finno-Ugric peoples ) and Russian- Slavic culture affected the nature of Finnish national integration. Eventually, the political rivalries of 1917 led to an arms race and an escalation towards civil war. The main motives for volunteering were socio-economic factors, such as salary and food, as well as idealism and peer pressure. 51 In foreign policy, Red Finland leaned on Bolshevist Russia. 290301 Paavolainen 1966,. . Linjat, rakenteet, kännekohdat, Helsinki: wsoy, isbn Meinander, Henrik (2012 Tasavallan tiellä, Suomi kansalaissodasta 2010-luvulle, Helsinki: Schildts Söderströms, isbn Muilu, Heikki (2010 Venäjän sotilaat valkoisessa Suomessa, Jyväskylä: Atena, isbn Nygård, Toivo (2003 Uhkan väliaikainen väistyminen. Comprehensive White Terror started with their general offensive in March 1918 and increased constantly. In March 1918, the German Empire intervened in the Finnish Civil War on the side of the White Army. 229245, Klinge 1997,. . The Whites had to re-organise their troops one night stand 2008 wikipedia nastola and battle plans, managing to raid the town centre in the early hours of 3 April. 66, Jyränki canon eos 500d gigantti bi seksiä 2014,. . 1130, Haapala Tikka 2013,. . The Senate appointed the Guards, henceforth called the White Guards, as the White Army of Finland. 97 The Rump Parliament of Finland, Helsinki 1918. 480481, Piilonen 1992,. . 368384, Rinta-Tassi 1989,. . The upper social strata took the lead and gained domestic authority from the Russian czar in 1809. 5189, Tikka 2014,. .

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    The Second Period of Russification was halted on by the February Revolution, which removed the Russian czar, Nicholas. An armistice between Germany and the Bolshevik regime came into force on 6 December and peace negotiations began on 22 December 1917 at Brest-Litovsk. The number of crofters was lower and they held a better social status than those in the south. 4144, Keränen. 390515, Lappalainen 1981a,. . 487524, Kalela 2008b,. . The common troops were more or less armed civilians, whose military training, discipline and combat morale were both inadequate and low. The German leadership was able to utilise the breakdown of Russia for the geopolitical benefit of the German Empire in Fennoscandia also. 195230, Ylikangas 1986,. .

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    246269, Payne 2011,. . 123137 Keränen. General Mannerheim was compelled to deploy some of the best-trained Jäger detachments, initially meant to be conserved for later use in the Vyborg area. B6 Bibliography English Ahlbäck, Anders (2014 Masculinities and the Ideal Warrior: Images of the Jäger Movement. Despite the food shortages, no actual large-scale starvation hit southern Finland before the civil war and the food market remained a secondary stimulator in the power struggle of the Finnish state. In turn, the Germans hastened Finland's separation from Russia so as to move the country to within their sphere of influence.