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    Both attacks were in areas connected to the ruling Labour Party government. McVeigh was seeking revenge against the federal government for the way it handled the siege at Waco in Texas, which ended in the deaths of 76 people exactly two years earlier. June 2, 2010 - britain - Gunman Derrick Bird opened fire on people in towns across the rural county of Cumbria. It was 6 tonnes of fertiliser, which is a small, normal order for a standard agricultural producer. She said her and the Duke of Edinburgh's thoughts were with the Norwegian people. McVeigh was stopped on Interstate 35 by Oklahoma highway patrol trooper Charlie Hanger on the day of the bombing because his 1977 Mercury Marquis did not have a licence plate. The 21-year-old said: 'He yelled out that he was going to kill us all and that we must all die. Norway's Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg is flanked by Justice Minister Knut Storberget (left) and State Secretary Hans Kristian Amundsen (second left) as he hugs Labour Youth Wing leader Eskil Pedersen after arriving at a hotel close to the scene of the massacre. 1987 - britain - Michael Ryan, a 27-year-old gun fanatic rampaged through the English town of Hungerford, killing 16 people and wounding 11 before shooting himself. Another official said the Oslo car bomb was 'some kind of Oklahoma City-type' device made of fertilizer and diesel fuel.

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    A gun battle broke out in which four agents and six Branch Davidians were killed. Utoya is 'my childhood paradise that yesterday was transformed into Hell he said at a news conference in the capital at which Storberget also appeared. Police said 'there are no concrete reports of a second gunman, although we're not excluding any possibilities'. Twelve people were killed and 11 injured. With the blast outside the prime minister's office, they formed the deadliest day of terror in Western Europe since one night stand dress rental kauhajoki the 2004 Madrid train bombings killed 191. Norwegian media report Breivik set up a Twitter account a few days ago and posted: 'One person with a belief is equal to 100,000 who have only interests'. He said: 'He is clear on the point that he wants to explain himself.' An injured woman is carried by nainti videoita hyvät pornosivut a man at the site of the explosion that rocked the centre of Oslo Soldiers guard a cordoned off area in central Oslo the day. April 26, 2002 - germany - In Erfurt, eastern Germany, 19-year-old Robert Steinhauser opened fire after saying he was not going to take a maths test. He killed 12 teachers, a secretary, two pupils and a policeman at the Gutenberg Gymnasium, before killing himself. It has emerged that it took 30minutes for armed police to get to the island Rescue workers set up a camp opposite the island where the attack took place. Dana Berzingi said the fake police officer ordered people to come closer, then pulled weapons and ammunition from a bag and started shooting. One of the greatest aspects of this country has been showcased today and well do anything to extend our help and empathy. You don't even think something like that is possible.' Police said the Oslo explosion was caused by 'one or more' bombs. Their faces stricken with grief, these teenagers react as Norway's King Harald and Queen Sonja arrive to comfort them outside a hotel where survivors and family members are staying. 1989 - france - A French farmer shot and killed 14 people including members of his family in the village of Luxiol, near the Swiss border. "I could hear his breathing from the top of the rock she said. Norway's King Harald, whose son the crown prince is reported to have attended the same primary school as Breivik, speaks to Prime Minister Stoltenberg with the families of survivors. Bird also killed himself. National police chief Sveinung Sponheim said seven people were killed by the blast in central Oslo, four of whom have been identified, gratis milf sex stedet saarijärvi and that nine or 10 people were seriously injured. Elise said she hid behind the same rock that the killer was standing. all times are local A spokesman confirmed the 32-year-old had access to large amounts of fertilizer and that it wasnt unusual. Survivors described a scene of sheer terror at the camp, which is organised by the youth wing of Norway's ruling Labour party. Several victims "had pretended as if they were dead to survive the 21-year-old said. When they did, he killed them.

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    It took investigators several hours to realise the full horror of yesterday's massacre, which followed an explosion in nearby Oslo that killed seven, set off, police said, by the same suspect. I could feel his breath. Oslo attack evokes memories OF bombing IN oklahoma city The bombing of the government building in Oslo has evoked memories of Timothy McVeigh's attack on the Oklahoma City federal building 16 years ago. She saw a police officer and thought she was safe, but then he started shooting. A 32-year-old man has been charged with terrorism offences A swat team aim their weapons at a group of youngsters hiding from the gunman. March 11, 2009 - germany - A 17-year-old gunman dressed in black combat gear killed nine students and three teachers at a school near Stuttgart.

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    'Later he started shooting out of nowhere and I was hiding behind the bodies.' Elise, 15, said was just feet away from the gunman when he opened fire in the camp on Utoya island: 'I saw many dead people.' Elise said she had just come. July 1999 - USA - A gunman killed nine people at two brokerages in Atlanta, after apparently killing his wife and two children. "I have message to those who attacked us he said. Catholics are a minority among Christians in largely Lutheran Norway. 'I saw many dead people said Elise.

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    Puhelinseksiä 09 kiihottava tarina Speaking on the phone to Sky News Adrian Pracon said he heard the killer shout that everyone was going to die. The siege had begun in February 1993 when the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives tried to execute a search warrant at a ranch run by the Branch Davidian religious sect at Mount Carmel, near Waco. He distributed pro-gun rights literature and bumper stickers, such as 'When guns are outlawed, I will become an outlaw'.
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    Hairy pussy päiväkahviseuraa helsinki When asked how long it took the swat team to arrive at the island after the shooting began, Fredriksen said: 'It takes the time it takes to drive fast.' He said that was about 30 minutes. Afterwards he started shooting people in the water she said. Norwegian King Harald, Queen Sonja and Crown Prince Haakon also visited the hotel to comfort survivors and their families. The blast in Oslo, Norway's capital and the city where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded, left a square covered in twisted metal, shattered glass and documents expelled from surrounding buildings. 2002 - USA - John Muhammad and Lee Malvo killed 10 people in sniper-style shooting deaths that terrorized the Washington,.C., area.